Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Reading in December 2011

hello guys, this is my reading books in december 2011
 it's a story of a man who shares his point of view about business and life, and also about his technique and strategy for business.

i just bought this after read Ellen May books "Smart Trader are not Gambler" see below. Dr. Tharp is a NLP so he teach using this method for trading. very useful since i also read Anthony Robbins.

i just borrowed from my friends who bought this in jakarta early december. it's a very powerful book for beginner to get know about stock market especially in indonesia.

this book is very special for me, why? it happen when i just sat at starbuck and enjoying my non-fat green tea latte and read "Super Trader" and suddenly all my friend gather around asking me for having dinner together, the problem is i already full before went to starbuck so i said "why don't you all go dinner and we will meet here since i just arrived and want to read my book. to make long story short, one of my friend just put this book upon the table while they all go out for dine, at first i didn't care about it, i just want to read my book.

but, blame to my curiosity, i just pick it up and read it and finish it before they were finish their dine. it's amazing how easy and very powerful book, simply but deep meaning. all this written by this one beautiful woman. well, it's a must read book recommended by me.. haha..

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